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Pregnancy and Birth to 24 Months Systematic Review

Systematic Review Question

What is the relationship between repeated exposure (timing, quantity, and frequency) to foods and early food acceptance?

Conclusion Statement

Moderate evidence from randomized controlled trials indicates that tasting a single or multiple vegetable(s) or fruit(s) 1 food per day for 8 – 10 or more days is likely to increase acceptability of an exposed food (indicated by an increase in food intake or faster rate of feeding after compared to before the exposure period) in infants and toddlers 4 to 24 months old. The effect of repeated exposure on acceptability is likely to generalize to other foods within the same food category but not to foods from a different food category. This evidence does not address the effect of repeated exposure of foods beyond vegetables and fruits on food acceptability in infants and toddlers.

Grade: Moderate