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Birth to 24 Month (B-24) Topic Identification

Birth to 24 Month (B-24) Methodology

Each B-24 work group developed a set of topics and specific questions that might be the focus of future NEL systematic reviews, identified priority data needs [to be derived either from existing data sets (e.g., NHANES), or met with new data/surveillance] and described research priorities. The topics were grouped according to the age of the population of interest and maternal and caregiver influences. Links to brief descriptions of the topics identified for each population of interest are below:

The NEL methodology for identifying topics and developing systematic review questions is described in the following publications, along with more information about the expert work groups, and the topics, questions, and research/data needs they identified.

Raiten DJ, Raghavan R, Porter A, Obbagy JE, Spahn JS. Executive summary: evaluating the evidence base to support the inclusion of infants and children from birth to 24 mo of age in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans—"the B-24 Project." Am J Clin Nutr. 2014;99 663S-691S.
Obbagy JE, Blum-Kemelor DM, Essery EV, Lyon JMG, Spahn JM. USDA Nutrition Evidence Library: Methodology used to identify topics and develop systematic review questions for the birth-24 month population. Am J Clin Nutr. 2014; 99:1-5.

Additional related articles from the B-24 Topic Identification Project are available in: Am J Clin Nutr.2014;99 (suppl).